The Urbane Man’s Closet

The fact that style is relative means that most people will have their opinion on what dressing well entails. I am not here to dissuade you from that which you believe; in fact I encourage a healthy debate concerning the way one should dress.

Back to the issue at hand…

The way we dress says a lot about who we are. Yet, even more important than the way we dress, is the way we wear that which we are dressed in. Even the best suit will not make a person appear confident or even mildly attractive—if his posture is off and he tends to slouch and look at the ground as he moves about (I will have a post concerning posture soon). Even as it deals with posture we have people whose movement tends to waste their energy, you can tell from the way a person move a lot about him, does his energy seem off? Does he talk too fast? Does he neglect his core as he moves about? Does his movement lack control/purpose? (I will make a post concerning our body’s energy).

As I have mentioned, there are many things to consider when one thinks about his image. For this post I will focus on a man’s closet, and the way a man should dress (sorry ladies, the next post will be for you).

Always remember, the Urban Gentleman and lady is more than the clothe they wear.

Here are some items that should be in everyman’s closet:

The ClosetKhaki Pants…Solid Color Jeans…Sneaker (though I must admit to not liking these)

Cashmere Sweater…Blue Blazer…Blue and White Button down

Leather band watch…Gray or Black suit (both would be best)

Brown or black dress shoe (Both would be best with matching belts)

Brown or black Briefcase…Black dress pants

Polo Shirt…Ties, socks, underwear (plenty)


Some Rules:

suit-accessories-All metal should be the same (including your watch)

-In the context of a business setting you should stick to black or brown oxfords (preferably leather)

-We can later discuss the inappropriateness of bright color shoes

-Match your socks with your pants (matching socks with ones tie pocket square or suspenders is ok)

-Your belt and your shoe should be the same color (black or brown for business). To add a little touch, you can match the leather on your watch to that of your belt and you shoes.

-If the pants have belt loops, wear a belt (do not attach anything to your belt, not even your phone)

-Your tie and pocket square should not be the same patternsuit-accessories

-Have patent leather and brown suede shoes in your closet

-Use pocket square



-Ditch thstreame backpack (unless you have a lot of books for class; which you shouldn’t, you should have read and taken notes already—yeah, ditch the backpack)

-If you decide to wear cuffs (wear a jacket)

-Have a peacoat

-Suspenders are worn under a jacket, not without one

-Never let your under shirt show, where a V-neck if you decide to unbutton the top

-Leave the bottom of you vest and jacket open

-Keep logos hidden

-Get a tie and collar bar

-Have a tuxedo in you closet and learn to tie a bow tie

-Wear sunglasses, just not inside or while talking to someone