The Mirage of Social Media

The age of social media comes with great benefits; the ability to share things that are meaningful to us, the ability to support a movement without leaving our room, and even the possibility to challenge each other to think critically about the space we occupy. These things and more are at our fingertips in this new social media era.


Yet this cultural* zeitgeist is not without its pitfalls…


As I watch someone post a picture from my apartment claiming ownership of it in their tagline “big things are happening in my life…moving up… in my new place”, I cannot help but wonder, are we a generation that is more focused on perception rather than building something meaningful?


I understand the need to show our best self on social media…it should in fact be “ourselves” that we showcase, right?


Do we not feel guilt when we look at a picture, knowing the image is not real, at least it is not real in the way it is meant to be perceived by others?

Is our focus to maintain a façade, at the expense of actually making it real?


The answer is more complicated than “yes” or “no”. Admittedly the sample size needed to answer the question posed, in order to make a general statement about our community, has to be larger (much larger).


Yet there are some, to which this is relevant…


For this group, it is my hope that the images and updates on our twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.… where they do not reflect our lives, they do serve the purpose of motivating us to becoming the best version of ourselves. I hope the end goal is not to mislead others.


The truth about our potential…

These dream worlds we create on social media, the claims we make about our lives, the amazing elegantadventures we invent for others to see… they can all be real.

We have to start focusing our energy in the direction of actualizing our dreams (taking steps to meet our goals), rather than wasting the energy we need to reach our goals in the promotion of these images of goals we have yet to attain— all the while growing complacent with adoration for things we do not yet have and/or not yet working towards.

Congratulations for a job well done, when the reality, your reality is far from the one being praised.

It is the most amazing feeling to talk to someone about their aspirations and the steps they’re taking in that direction… these are the honest conversations we should be having, rather than trying desperately to mislead our friends and family, who may be willing to help if they knew what was really happening.