Take Control

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Being in between is not the best feeling, the question of what to do now? Seems haunting as we try our best to devise a plan that can move us forward in the direction of our goals.

How do we process this time alone? What are the things we say to ourselves?


We are young people, we are not sure what the world has to offer and as much as we act like we are invincible we know deep down that we are unsure. Our confidence is not predicated on anything; therefore it is arrogance pure and simple. As we get closer and closer to the real world, whether that be graduation from undergrad, grad, or just leaving our parents home, the fact that we have to face the world scares us.


My advice to you— “don’t let it!!”

It is true, we do not know what tomorrow will bring, but we can prepare for the worst today while expecting the best.

How do you do this?

  1. Find a mentor, this person should be someone in your field who you respect and can help you become a better person
  2. Wake up early… Yes, I was a bit annoyed by this advice also. Some people wake up at 5:30am to begin their day, this for me is a bit extreme. Instead, I wake up at 7am, go to the gym and then eat breakfast. This will give you energy for the day and also allows more hours for you to get things done. Have a cheat day where you sleep in (mine is Sunday).
  3. Make a to-do list each morning and review it at night
  4. Take quiet time for yourself and reflect on your goals and strategy for reaching your goal.
  5. Meet with your mentor regularly to go over your goals and how you plan on reaching them.
  6. Learn to speak professionally, and dress that way also.
  7. Find your source of confidence and become and expert in your field. If you do not have the opportunity to work yet, study your field from the outside, do research—prepare yourself for the opportunity to work.

A friend of mine wanted to become an accountant for a major firm, yet he was struggling to keep up in his accounting class, needless to say he could not find a job as an accountant and is now working as a business man.

  1. Know your skill set and find your passion, the point at which these two meet is most likely your calling
  2. Invest in quality—friends, clothing, relationships, jobs etc.…
  3. Your twenties should be the time for taking chances, defining yourself and finding your passion. Invite your friends over for coffee and talk about career goals and plans to reach them. Do this before you start looking for jobs, ask them what they think of you and the field they think you should work in (and why?). Take what they say into consideration but again the decision is yours to make.


The truth is, we have to start talking about our future more, we have to start getting other people interested and invested in our future so that they can hold us accountable as we hold our selves accountable…

I know the conversation concerning what to do next is a hard one, especially when we are not sure about what it is that we want. Still, I can assure you this, starting that conversation will lead you to your passion, as it will help to put things into perspective. You owe it to yourself to get this clarity.