Stay Classy My Friends




Someone sent me an email last week asking me to go over some “tips for dress classy”. This was on my to do list for a while, so I am happy to finally get around to it.

 ~A female version to this, will be up shortly.

 The first tip before I go into anything is this

 TIP 1: please put the sneakers aside (I will explain later)





Now, we can move on…

One of my favorite TV show character is Harvey Specter from Suits (big surprise), outside of his knowledge of the law and impeccable business acumen, he knows how to dress.That being said, a three piece suit is not practical for everyday wear, quite frankly it would be odd to go about everyday life fully suited~~~ Well unless you are James Bond.

What we should do instead is find a middle ground between formal attire and casual clothing— Classy casual

Wear a sneaker on one foot and a dress shoe on the other (not literally).

To be classy in the way you dress is in the details

For example your shoes— Leather Derby or oxford.


Shoes 1












shoes 5





The sneakers are good for running and some even find them more comfortable to walk in (some, not me). Ultimately they (sneakers) drags whatever you are wearing down.



~ Try finding real leather shoes as this says a lot about your taste.

Conversely, shoes that are too formal maybe too over the top (again stick to wearing a leather derby or oxford for a clean look)

FYI- Socks are optional depending on the outfit

Example ummTIP 2: Jeans pants are ok; just make sure they are fitted (for most men, that means a size or two smaller than what you are use to wearing), though slacks are preferred.

 TIP 3: Unless it is a watch or very specific bracelets, when it comes to jewelry less is more.

 TIP 4: for your upper wear, a solid color button down shirt will suffice (always unbutton the button at the top). You can choose to wear a blazer over your button down, but you do not have to. If Blazerhowever you decide wear a t-shirt, make sure that it is simple, i.e. it should not be covered with random art or colors, a solid color is preferred and you should probably wear the blazer over this.

TIP 5: Whether or not you have facial hair is not a big deal. If you do have facial hair, it is important that it stays groomed. Your hair should be well kept.




Random things when it comes to class

You should shower daily

You should brush your teeth daily (twice per day)

Use deodorant and cologne

Try to exercise weekly and stay in shape (or at least healthy)


A person with class who is also dressed will can walk into a room and have the confidence to command the attention of everyone present—they’ll give it to you for all the right reasons. 

Finally, have fun creating a wardrobe that will reflect a man with class.