“Natural” Elegance

I must admit— the idea that we are energy seems a bit esoteric, yet it makes sense when explained properly. My Tai Chi teacher would be better at explaining the concept of our bodies as energy…

Right now I want to talk about elegance, in other words—control over our movements and body.

Powerful-yoga-poseWe spend a lot of our time wasting energy, going from emotion to emotion without ever finding our equilibrium (later blog). We walk with our heads down, drawing our feet along the ground. Our voice begins to get louder as we speak without us even realizing it, or it starts to become weak and shaky after one sentence, we fidget, we cross our legs when we stand, we cross our arms, all the time apologizing for being where ever we are, loosing energy, willingly giving it away…




We ultimately waste our energy in everything we do, well until we go to bed rejuvenate then spend the next day doing it all over again…



Gaining control of your energy allows you to be more poised and in control. It’s that elegance you notice when people walk by seemingly in control of not only themselves but also the environment— it’s presence.

I did not realize how easy it was to gain this control over your body until I started studying Tai Chi…


Controlling ones energy in the way I will describe is considered feminine as elegance is so often considered. Personally I do not believe it is gendered, elegance is something that both men and women can claim

 Ok so what is the secret?

“The secret young man is a glass of water filled all the way up…”

glas of pouring water with reflection1

You can imagine the look on my face when my teacher said this to me.

“Umm, sir…yeah..uhm what do you mean?”

He smiled— finally he had succeeded in making me stumble over my words. Thankfully he explained…

Visualize a glass of water filled to the top, now hold that image in your mind. You’re going to place that glass of water in your navel chakra and hold it there. This is your core, it is your center of gravity, it is where you get your strength, you move from here and you speak from here— 这是你的核心. After you’ve visualize the glass of water and placed it in your navel chakra, it takes more than imagination now to keep it there; you have to now physically contract your muscles to hold it there, this means your stomach goes in, not too tight or the glass will break, and not too loose or the glass will fall… Be mindful of it once it is there…”




“Be mindful,” what does this mean?

  1. You now have to stand up straight (bad posture will break the glass).
  2. You cannot lean over too much or the water will spill from the glass.
  3. You are now very delicate as you hold the glass, and you have to move in such a way… Your head should be up, your shoulders back, and you spine elongated— this should remain the same as you sit.


Throughout the day you will loose water from the glass, be aware of this, each night you should check the glass to see how much you have loss. Each morning you start with a new glass… The objective is to loose as little water as possible at the end of the day.

lupitaWhen you turn your head it should be decisive and slow, never jerk your body too much as this will spill the glass,A

While you walk do not look at the ground,

Anything that would cause a real glass of whatever to spill if it was in fact in your body should be avoid.

This is the first step to gaining control of one’s body… this is the creation of poise and elegance.

being careful and deliberate with every movement…