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Laidback preppy with some plaid and colorful socks (Swag!!!).


Economics at Brown University (Rhode Island)




Why Law School?

I chose law school because it reflected some of the things I was interested in… what I like to do, this includes but is not limited to, things like issue spotting, problem solving, and just advocacy generally.

What’s it like going to school here?

Going to school in DC is really awesome; every corner you turn has something interesting. Also, just the idea that I’m studying law in one of the best schools in the country, where the Supreme Court is located right down the street and where law is essentially made— it’s mind-blowing. There is so much history and the architecture is impeccable.

Most important thing?

The thing most important to me presently… wow! Harry 4 Friendships. I think its easy to get lost in studying and working with a sort of singularity of purpose…and that is important; staying on top of class work—but I think law school requires networking and building meaningful relationships. While I study most of the time, I make sure that I have the bandwidth to create new relationships and continue to nurture the ones pre-law school, like my family.


Harry3If you could do anything tomorrow?

If I could be doing anything tomorrow, in terms of career, I think I would be a Racecar Driver; I can appreciate cars for one, but also, the sense of control over the instrument as I move from point A to B, the finish line. Knowing where the race starts and where it will end and what you have to do to get there. Plus that would be exhilarating… this was my fallback-fallback plan in high school.

What do you think most about now?

I think about my grades a lot… and my future. It seems the two are not mutually exclusive lol… No, I do think about my future a lot and I find that more often than not, I am comfortable with where I am and the prospects available to me. Oh yeah and also polar bears—- I like polar bears…

Harry005In five years, where do you see yourself?

In five years, hopefully I will be practicing law somewhere in the northeast or northwest. I’m interested in the coasts and I like cold weather, unlike most of the population.

Any advice for people wanting to study law?

The advice I have for people wanting to pursue law is simple… know for sure that law is what you want to do. Law school is not simple or easy, it is very difficult and it requires constant evaluation and re-evaluation of what is important. Also take a year off and explore the field, get to know people in law, find an intro position somewhere in the field and make sure you can see yourself in the field.

What have you learned in the last 5-6 months?

In the past six months I’ve learned that…well, if this law school thing doesn’t work out, I can become a model (lol).

~Thank you Harry~