Feeling Pain

Pain is inevitable; this may seem something that is too broad to be true, yet it is. Pain is a natural part of life; I will even move to say that pain should be embraced. I know what you are thinking,

“Pain should be embraced???”

indulge me for a minute and I will explain. The pain that I am referring to has two categories.

I seek to differentiate them, “good pain” and “bad pain”— Where pain comes from? Allows us to categorize it as good or bad.

Bad pain…









Bad pain is a consequence of being undisciplined… It comes about when we are unable to control the need to feel good. Thereby always chasing that moment of bliss that is short-lived and result in long-term pain; whether it is weight gain due to consumption of sugar, or failure in school because of social obligations (i.e. parties).

In essence, bad pain comes about when  we only do things that are enjoyable, not thinking about the consequences…

{On the other hand}

Good pain…

meditationGood pain is the pain that comes with discipline; it helps us to grow and build character as we become stronger emotionally while simultaneously improving physically (when applied properly). This pain is a gift from your present self to the you of tomorrow— sacrificing your palate for fun and bliss to gain control of you. This acceptance of present pain is to prevent future pain that is usually more severe.


Have pain now… experience life in a joyous way later.

The pain of discipline belongs to people who have purpose—as this pain allows us to predict outcome. a person without purpose has no use for prediction and control and thus are slave to their desires (like a paper bag in the wind).

Accept this…

Things happen through us, not for us—It is paramount that we start actively shaping our world, rather than waiting for the world to change for us.


IMG_1781Pain in this sense is essential for us to accomplish our goals, be they large or small.