I’ve grown and learned a lot of things as I’ve moved through different stages in my life. I invite you to share in this knowledge— let us engage in a conversation that is mutually beneficial.

F.L.L.- Fashion, Learning, and Lifestyle


Most likely Urbane is a movement that seeks to change our perspective on what it means to live in today’s society outside the scope of race, class, gender, and creed.


While clothing may seem superficial, it can and should add meaning. Contrary to what most believe, your clothing does not make you who you are, instead it is a reflection of you and who you want to be.


The human experience is about learning, whether that is in a formal classroom setting or out in the real world, both are important separately and together.


Taking care of ourselves require us to be aware of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is through self-knowledge that we are able to be confident and lead unabashedly.

The basis of this blog quite simply is to engage a discussion that will improve the lives of participants who seek positive change.